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12 Best Car Accident Lawyer In New York City 2021

There Are Thousand Of Car Accident Lawyers In New York, NY We Bring the 12 best Car Accident Lawyers

An automobile accident brings with it a number of questions. Who is at fault? Who pays for damage to my car? Who will pay for my medical bills? How much should I buy for pain and suffering? Can I ask the insurance firm to reimburse me for lost wages? An experienced injury lawyer can really be helpful in negotiating the often chaotic and confusing world of insurance claims and settlements. Because most injury attorneys work on a contingent-fee basis and only get paid if there’s a successful resolution to your claim, there’s often little incentive to undertake to handle these sorts of claims on your own, unless no injuries or serious damage were involved and a settlement would be very small. It is much better to hire a car accident lawyer which always ensures a much better settlement. If you’re injured in a car accident,

List Of 12 Best Car Accident Lawyer In New York

Details About Each And every Car Accident Attorney In New Your

Bohrer & Lukeman

Bohrer & Lukeman law firm provides legal services to its clients in New York who have been harmed in various kinds of automobile accidents. For the past 17 years, the firm’s car accident lawyers have provided assistance in claiming compensation for private injury and in recovering financial losses in death litigation. It conducts case investigations and employs biomechanical engineers and accident reconstruction experts to assist understand the specifics of the case. The law firm also handles maritime & general aviation accidents.

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Hach & Rose, LLP

Hach & Rose is a personal injury law firm which is based in New York, with a team of professional attorneys that have more than 100 years of combined legal experience. Lawyers of this firm offer legal advice and representation to its clients regarding cases of car accidents, construction accidents, work-related injuries, product liability, medical malpractice, and workers’ rights. The firm also works with families of deceased persons in seeking justice and compensation in cases of death.

The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP

With five offices within the country, The Rothenberg firm LLP may be a personal injury firm that has been taking cases for the residents of latest York City for over 50 years. The firm has good experience in representing the victims of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents. Its attorneys investigate the explanation for the accidents and mediate with insurance companies to recover fair restitution for his or her clients. Managing attorney Barbara Rothenberg may be a member of the American Association for Justice.

Redmond Law

Redmond Law firm a personal injury firm that helps car accidents and other personal injury victims in NY achieve maximum financial compensation for his or her injuries. Partner Cornelius Redmond has over 20 years of experience as an attempt lawyer and focuses on personal injury, medical malpractice, and merchandise liability cases. This Lawyers firm offers free-of-cost consultations and charges car accident victims only on obtaining a positive decision. Redmond Law firm also handles the law cases and cases related to corporate, commercial, and employment issues.

Car Accident Lawyer New York City


The Law Offices of Darren T. Moore P.C.

Based in NY City, the Law Offices of Darren T. Moore P.C. focuses on handling personal injury cases, related to automobile accidents. Darren T. Moore evaluates cases, gathers medical documents, evidence and represents clients’ litigation altogether. He educates car accident victims on the kinds of compensation they’re entitled to, which can include medical costs, lost wages, and exemplary damages in situations like drunk driving accidents. The law firm was Founded in 2019, the law firm caters to both English- and Spanish-language speaking clients.

The O’Connor Law Firm

Personalized care and a spotlight are offered by The O’Connor firm, an accident and injury firm in NY. Its practice areas include automobile accidents, construction accidents, personal injury, claims against the town, and death. Founding attorney Brian J. O’Connor could also be an experienced litigant who takes pride in advocating for injured peoples of New York City. The Law firm prioritizes its customer service and satisfaction, which has resulted in multiple accolades & awards, including listings among the RUE Ratings Best Attorneys of America and thus the highest 100 Trial Lawyers.

Ajlouny Injury Law

Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyers firm, which is located in Brooklyn, New York City, is an auto accident and personal injury law firm. The practice’s skilled car accident attorneys in NY represent injured drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists involved in auto accidents. Attorneys work to recover compensation for clients for medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, property damage, or the death of a beloved caused by another person or company’s reckless act or faulty equipment. The law firm also handles cases of medical malpractice and workplace injuries.

Car Accident Attorney

Bisogno & Meyerson, LLP

Bisogno & Meyerson LLP law firm which is based in The Brooklyn, New York City. Its team of best Car accident lawyers, attorneys represents clients throughout the state who have sustained injuries altogether sorts of auto accidents, helping them obtain compensation for lost wages, pain, and suffering, and medical bills. Bisogno & Meyerson LLP law firm also litigates other kinds of personal injury cases, such as medical malpractice mass transit accidents. The firm also focuses on the compensation of workers.

Dell & Dean, PLLC

Dell & Dean PLLC law firm is related to personal injury they are located in Garden City, New York, which has been serving Nassau County, Suffolk County, and the surrounding regions for over 25 years. The team of attorneys of the law firm represents clients that have sustained injuries in several automobile accidents. Dell & Dean PLLC also handles other kinds of personal injury cases, including workers’ compensation and medical malpractice. The legal lawyer’s team is multilingual and offers its services in three different languages English, Spanish, and Italian.

Block O’Toole & Murphy

Founded in 1989 by Partner Jeffrey A. Block, the Law Firm of Block O’Toole & Murphy is a team of a professional car accident lawyer in New York City. The firm advocates for clients injured during a crash thanks to driver negligence, faulty equipment, road hazards, or neglect. the firm handles financial restitution for medical treatments, pain and suffering, property damages, and lost wages cases. They offer services in three different languages English, Spanish, and Polish, and they also free consultations.

Cohan Law PLLC

Cohan Law PLLC may be a personal injury firm providing counsel and representation to individuals seriously injured or otherwise impacted by car and automobile accidents they have a highly professional car accident lawyer. When clients contact the firm, it starts to work rapidly to secure evidence and also protect the integrity of their claims. In most cases, it uses available evidence as leverage in negotiations with negligent parties to aim to recover monetary restitution for various sorts of damages. Cohan Law PLLC law firm handles construction accident and death claims cases too.

Dansker & Aspromonte

Dansker & Aspromonte law firm is a car accident law firm in New York City that specialized in personal injury cases. It has quite three decades of experience representing clients throughout the NY City metropolitan area. The law firm focuses on different kinds of accidents like cars, motorcycles, buses, taxis, commercial vehicles or tractor-trailers, bicycles, pedestrians, and Uber or Lyft accidents. The respected team of auto accident attorneys in NY helps clients obtain compensation for medical bills, loss of income, property damage, and long-term expenses in cases of catastrophic injury or permanent disability.

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